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Eluned Glyn is a Welsh Ceramic Designer and Maker, living and working in Cardiff, Wales. Her background in Fine Art, Ceramic and an interest in all things Cubist has led her to her current Collection - Minimus Maximus.

​Eluned is inspired by the form of classic ceramics from the 20th and 21st Century. The modernist and cubist movements have been her points of reference, aiming to replicate their concept of well-considered forms that concentrate on the fundamental values of design as inspiration. Pieces are created by using broken crockery to make faceted objects, which are cast in pottery plaster and slip-casted in earthenware clay. The collection is a homage to Victorian Ceramics, re-creating similar forms and recognisable handles, there is a chance encounter between newly created ceramic objects and their ancestors. 

The ghost-like simplicity of the collection reflects the redundancy of colour that are typically absent in modernist design. The forms speak for themselves, and the decorative, colourful qualities of Victorian ceramics are cast aside - leaving a faint trail of past ceramics to these contemporary ceramic objects. It is the marriage of form and function that intrigues her and the distortion of the domestic object which is familiar yet foreign in form.

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