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Successes and an update and all things Ceramic based!

I've had a very eventful few months with Awards, Exhibitions and Stockists and have had some great news this past few months. I have won the Scholarship for Art, Design and Technology in the National Urdd Eisteddfod and had exhibited in the Art, Design and Technology tent. Here are some photos from Caerphilly:

It was an amazing opportunity to publicise my work, and it was so lovely that my family came down to support me. Exhibiting at the National Eisteddfod was incredible, as I'd been competing in the Arts and Crafts as a child, and it was nice to feel that the collection so far was worthy of a National Prize.


I exhibited at the Contemporary Craft Fair in Bovey Tracey from the 5th - 7th of June with my Minimus Maximus Collection. My pieces were really popular, and so many people wanted to understand how they were made, and why they were shaped in the way they were. It was a successful show, and the quality of work there was amazing. There were so many makers that had innovative, creative ideas and I felt as if I was in very good company there! I had been working on some new pieces, which was a Toby Milk Jug and a small espresso cup. The espresso cups all sold, which was amazing! I've been making loads ever since!


I was short-listed for the International Ceramics Festival Emerging Maker Award for 2015. I exhibited at the Festival and presented my work in front of the Festival audience on the last day. It was great to be a part of the Festival again, as I was a student helper in the last two Festivals (2013 and 2011,) it's such a great event and I love to listen to the artists and how they create their individual work. The kiln firings were incredible this year, and I especially loved Rita Gudino's firing. It was so spectacular to watch!

Rita Gudino's LUAL kiln

A piece from one of West Wales School of the Art Students

My work displayed with other makers in the Emerging Maker Space by the Ceramic Collection in the Arts Centre.

One of Phillip Eglin's pieces in his exhibition in the Ceramics Collection

Sergi Pahissa - Müll collective Found objects kiln.

Jonathan Keep's 3D Printed Objects. These were so inspiring, as I would love to work with a 3D printer. The technology would help my work develop as at the moment I collect pieces from charity shops, but by using a 3D printer I would hopefully be able to make copies of the Ceramic Collections in museums, and then re-work these pieces.

'With an emphasis on form rather than surface and on the premise that the technique used to create form influences the form itself I have made extensive use of computer 3D modelling programs to evolve ideas'

Tip Toland after a Master Class finishing off one of her incredible works.

The Ceramics Festival weekend is always so inspiring, and I was so happy to be a part of the event. Although I didn't win, it was an incredible opportunity and I would like to thank the Festival for allowing me to take part. It was great to feel accepted in the Festival, as I felt that my work was perhaps less traditional than other methods there. I wondered whether my work was good enough to be a part of such a prestigious event, but after speaking to lots of makers, buyers and artists I felt that the Festival has boosted my confidence, and I can't wait to get back into the studio to make bigger pieces yet!


I've been working on more textured pieces for a while now, and feel that these portray the various inspirations better, by emphasising the contrast between the different facets. For example, below, the new milk jug that I've been working on recently that has a Toby Jug face, with some Victorian elements and a 1920's style handle. I like the idea that all the various components come together to make a piece, and how the relationship between these various facets create intrigue.

Here is the piece before plaster moulding and casting:

All my new pieces all have a stamp instead of the decal transfer. I felt as if I needed a more streamline, design led logo, and created this logo myself. It portrays my influences too which I think is important. There is a hint of Modernism here, and of a design led inspiration.


After taking part in the UK Young Artist Festival in Leicester last year I so happy to announce that my work has been chosen to represent the UK in the BJCEM Young Artist Biennale in Milan! I will be exhibiting over the course of a month, and will be travelling there for the opening in October.

It will be such an amazing showcase for my work, and I'm so happy to be showing outside of the UK too. I feel that my work could fit in well with design led taste of Europe and am looking forward to visiting Italy. I'm hoping in the next few months to make some new work that can really stand out. I'd like to push my concept further than before, by making bigger pieces. My problem so far has been that my pieces were too big to carry, due to the weight of the moulds, but I think I might have found a way around this issue.

Some other exciting news for the next 6 months:

  • I will be exhibiting at Made by Hand, City Hall in Cardiff again this year at the end of October. It was such a great Fair last year, and I'm so glad to be exhibiting on my home turf again!

  • In January I will be exhibiting at MADE: Redefining Handmade, with a group of Design Factory makers. This will be my third Fair in London, and am looking forward to taking part in this particular event as I haven't as of yet. Design Factory is a great opportunity to meet new people, and afford the bigger stands in major Craft and Trade Fairs.

  • My father and I will be sharing a joint exhibition at MOMA Wales, Machynlleth this November for a month. My father has always had an interest in Art and was teaching for around 30 years. He's now retired, and has allowed me to take a look through his incredible portfolio of portraits and life drawings, that will be shown alongside my ceramic pieces. My aim is to find an interesting contrast between both our works and I'd like to think that I can work towards a Collection of finished pieces that could possibly conclude this body of work.

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